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The Interview

w Marie de Lus_edited.jpg

  In the studio with New York State Survivor Lead Marie Delus for The 40% Project.                                                                                                          Photo by Marie Delus


I can help you:

  • Define the nature and scope of your ORAL HISTORY project

  • Select digital recording equipment 

  • Identify people to interview 

  • Conduct deep-dive background and archival research

  • Record the interviews

  • Process the interviews, including transcription & indexing

  • Manage scheduling, budgeting & project coordination 

  • Train staff 

  • Edit your interviews

  • Craft narrative for digital storytelling, books & presentations

Clients & Partners

The Vera Institute of Justice

The Pew Charitable Trusts 

The Lemelson Foundation (w/MIT)

History Associates, Inc. 


Ohio Education Association

National Institute of Health (NIH)

National Building Museum

University of Southern Mississippi 

Columbia Center Oral History Archives

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