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Recording an interview means so much more than pushing play. It's a relational process that requires an oral historian to listen deeply in order to help a narrator evoke her own life experiences.

Introduction to Oral History

Workshop: 3 hours

An introduction to essential concepts combined with a practical, hands-on workshop: How to get started, project design, question development and interview do's and don'ts. Includes a listening session, a practice interview and an evaluation of the practice interview, as well as discussion of transcribing and metadata. Finally, the workshop covers archiving versus public-facing outcomes. 

For high school and community college students and communities of all kinds.


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Oral History for Nonfiction Writers

Workshops: 1.5 & 3 hours

For nonfiction and memoir writers who want to include interview techniques in their research. (1.5 hours)

Advanced workshop offered for writers who want to explore how oral history can help them capture memory, embodied experience and a sense of place in both the natural world and the built environment. (3 hours)

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